Yet Another Home Page!

(you have been warned*)

Welcome. You have reached yet another home page produced purely because the web exists and I had the means. Does that justify the ends? I don't care. I just put whatever springs to mind up on the web and don't even feel sorry for poor suckers who end up here by accident. Oh, sorry...

Anyway, here is a picture. The web would be nothing without a few pictures to make loading slower and increase bandwidth charges. This particular picture goes by the name of Phoenix. It's a fractal and if anyone happens to have a claim of copyright over it, they had better tell me about it.

A really neat fractal.

Question 1) Why?

Question 2) Who? Question 3) When? Question 4) What? Bonus question:

* Note: I used to have a comment along the lines of "This page under construction, yada yada yada" but that lasted for over three years so I decided to stop pretending that it will ever be finished. It is an on-going process which is primarily dictated by how much spare time I have and how I feel. I strogly** recommend that you accept this or proceed to my bookmarks page and go somewhere else. Of course, since I am recognizing that this page has a dynamic existence, I make no guarantees that the editorial policy will not change with time.
I also found that too many people were asking me what "yada" meant. The correct answer is "Which one?"

**Strogly - a typo found in some code documentation. I liked it. I suspect that having something 'strogly recommended' will result in it sticking in the mind longer than any well-spelt recommendation, however strongly put. Have a good one.

Copyright (C) - Andrew McIver :)

This is a personal page maintained by the author. It is entirely fictional with accidental correspondences with anyone else's reality.

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